Industrial Storage Solutions – Mobile Racking

Meeting the Challenge of Space with Mobile Racking Units


The horizon of logistic services has expanded phenomenally with the spread in e-commerce. The expansion of consumer base has put enormous pressure on space requirement that is always in short supply. There is an incredible demand for space as distributors and retailers that depend on logistic companies pile up products. In order to cater to consumers on time, logistics companies are going all out to maximize the available space. Innovative commercial and industrial storage solutions are now being worked out. Space is considered as the most profitable asset of the industry, and its optimization is critical for profitability. This is particularly true for third party logistics companies that handle the major part of industrial loads.




Efficiency matters a lot

Since space is always limited in comparison to the demand, the challenge lies in making the best use of available space. What should you do when capacities are reached? Expansion for more space is not always a solution as it involves cost, and it also depends on availability. Therefore, the stress is on being more efficient in storing goods. This is what industrial storage solutions is all about. It does not matter how well goods are arranged in storage. What really matters is how well space has been utilized. Efficiency is the last word in industrial storage. How best more volume of goods can be accommodated in the existing facility is the biggest challenge.


Where is the extra space?

How to expand the space that is available in hand is an intriguing thought. When you are thinking about expansion, it means that the entire horizontal and vertical space has been utilized. Only the aisle space is left, which cannot be touched upon. Since warehousing is not only about storing goods, but also about removing it efficiently, the aisle space cannot be compromised. But the hard and pressing need for space can eventually make you turn to the aisle space for help. Yes, it is also possible to make use of the aisle space without compromising on its need.


Use mobile storage

It is now possible to reclaim the aisle space in a warehouse that contributes to almost 50% of industrial storage space. This extra space can be used for storage by using appropriate storage solutions. The demand for more space has lead to innovations in storage systems that are completely flexible. Instead of using stationery racks and shelves, which used to be the norm, movable storage can be used. This is also known as mobile storage.


Powered mobile racking system

Powered mobile racking systems are available for pallet storage. The individual units of the storage system move on rails that can be shifted to make room for aisle space. The need for dedicated aisle space is done away with. By moving apart the units that are placed side by side, the required aisle space can be created, when required. This enables maximum use of floor space as nothing has to be left for aisle space.


It’s wonderful to see how industrial storage space is created from nowhere just at the push of a button.

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